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My wife gets a text from an old friend who we had a threesome once, he asks her if she’d be in the mood to meet up with him and another girl.

She first hesitated, but once I told her that I’m very interested, she went on to pursue it.

We knocked on their hotel room at 9 o’clock after an hour drive from our home, they were both naked, it looked like they chulent wait for us, they just had to fuck right away.

We smoked up and had some tequila, wife was shy, I wasn’t.

I laid down on the bed next to where they were playing, she says to me : don’t be shy or wait for an invitation, please use me and abuse me.

That’s the advice I was hoping for, after two minutes I was slapping her cute ass, she didn’t wait either, turned around and started sucking my dick, it was heaven.

I Then turned her around and we got some 69 going, she had a yummy pussy, so delicious, with my left eye I saw how my wife is starting to suck the other guy’s dick, it turned me on even more.

The girl I waa having a sucking /eating contest wasn’t going to finish so fast, even though she asked me several times of I have a condom ready, I was too busy with her vagina.

As soon as I started fucking her, she was moaning and moving like crazy, we fucked for over an hour every position you name it.

We all came and left happily ever after, it was a hot session.

NY’ers if your in need, were always here to help

I’m kinda sad my neighbor flirt is not playing along, so far it had only been silent play, I fantasize about the real deal.

Anyone interested to be my pen pal, be sensual, erotic, a dreamer and fantasize alot……

Write me…

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