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Neighbor fling

I have this neighbor who we state at each other and smirk, but, that’s it.

Today when she waited for the bus of hey kids outside my home, I wanted to smirk back, but then, this offer neighbor shuts dish next to her, there goes my fling for today.

See you next time.

I love those jewish clients

"Besides for this 60 year old guy, who always ask to fuck, I love my jewish clients.." :Danielle

This is what my masseuse told me tonight, she gave me a great massage, touching me on the right muscles, tickling the right spots and releasing the ache of my bones.

Then towards the middle she bends over and whispers you want extra? I’m like what? She’s very straight face
hj for $50 or bj for $100???

I’m thinking to Myself the prices have gone up since I’ve had a similar offer, years ago.

But then she reminds me she’s waiting for an answer, I tell her I’ll think.

And I’m thinking what she’s thinking, how hard wad it for her to ask me that offer, how many people is she feeding with this money ?

She returns from outside with a wet towel, I’m still puzzled, I did tell her before we started I’m here just to forget of my day, and hopefully she won’t feel uncomfortable and pressured, I felt bad for her, and as I ask her if she gets the entire amount, she said no, half goes to the boss.

Sick is an understatement, not only does she have to humiliate herself in offering hand jobs, she can’t even keep the money?

That’s stealing in my opinion.

But she’s desperate for the money, and doesn’t plan to do that forever.

I offered her a job, but it won’t pay as much as she’s making there, she’s aiming for medical school, what a Shame, I wish I could help her more.

I’ll be back babe, I liked the way you tickled me, and we talked about life, I tried to connect rather than to objectify, I am sure I’ll succeed one day.

She did say her jewish customers are nice, they just want hand jobs.

At least my fellow mates are nice.


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